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Riga Dome Cathedral

The foundation stone of Riga Dome Cathedral was laid on July 25, 1211. The last large-scale restoration took place in the late 19th century when the cathedral acquired its present appearance. Today, Riga Dome Cathedral holds services and provide for rich cultural life — various concerts of popular artists take place here.

Riga Dome Cathedral has been one of the major venues for concerts in Riga for hundreds of years. Also today, official services and concerts feature various musical performances.

Riga Dome Cathedral was the central cathedral in the Baltics until Livonia fell to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in 1561. It has Romanesque, early Gothic, Baroque, and Art Nouveau features and is considered the largest Medieval church in Latvia and the Baltic States.

On July 25, 1211 during a ceremony, Bishop Albert laid the foundation stone. According to art historians, the building was initially envisaged as a basilica but later the design was changed and a hall church was built instead. At the beginning of the 15th century, the cathedral was enlarged by building the western cross-nave and side chapels and elevating the side walls of the central nave thus making the church into a basilica. Riga Dome Cathedral tower was the highest spire in Riga at that time. The cathedral kept its appearance up to 1547, when on a Sunday before Pentecost, a great fire broke out in the inner city and the Gothic spire of the cathedral burned down. A new tower with a pyramidal spire and two galleries were built by 1595. The Cathedral cockerel dating back to that time can still be seen in the inner courtyard of the cathedral.

From 1881 to 1914, Riga Cathedral Building Section of Riga Society of Researchers of History and Ancient Times carried out major reconstruction and renovation for its present-day appearance.


  • On Sundays at 12:00, the rest of the week, at 08:00 a.m.
  • Special service for families with children on the first Sunday of a month, at 17:00.


Concerts (classical)

Organ music concert at Riga Dome

22 May - 30 Sep

Experienced Latvian organ players, as well as guests from many other countries participate in concerts of organ music. This offers an opportunity to enjoy one of the most splendid and valuable historic organs in the outstanding acoustics of the Riga Dome Cathedral. The Riga Dome Cathedral organ belongs to the highest achievements of organ building of the late Romanticism period and is an excellent monument to the history of music.

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Festivals, Festivities

International Organ Music Festival "Rīgas Doms"

01 Jul - 31 Jul

Every summer, the International Organ Music Festival "Rīgas Doms" offers spiritual and emotional adventure to all classical music enthusiasts. The festival takes place in Riga Dome Cathedral, one of the oldest churches in Old Riga. In bidding farewell to Latvia's six-month-stint as the presiding nation of the Council of the European Union, the festival this year features music composed or arranged specifically for the pipe organ from all 28 EU member states.

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