Izbaudi Rīgu


"Lido" is one of the most welcoming public catering establishments in the world and a favourite recreation destination in Riga for the whole family. Its central building with an impressive mill is one of Europe's greatest and most striking log buildings. Its seating capacity is 1,000 guests. The "Lido" Centre features Latvian traditional environment, various dishes, and Lido non-filtered beer.

The "Lido" Recreation Centre is a place for enjoying your meal in a quiet and romantic atmosphere; choose your food from the numerous bistro options and try Latvian traditional dishes in the beer cellar, among them, pork ribs and ears, peas with bacon, spicy beer snacks, and others.

"Let's Have A Party!" every evening the premises holds live music concerts and on weekends - events for families (games, creative workshops, concerts and other activities).

National and annual festivities are celebrated with hanging out colourful decorations and special events. The 5-hectare area features an amusement park with Baltic's biggest artificial skating-rink at wintertime, as well as various attractions for children and adults.