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Opera, Ballet

The Nutcracker

18 Jan - 08 Feb

The setting of the ballet is Riga in the late nineteenth century. The atmosphere of the day is conjured up by the city's ancient streets, Art Nouveau interiors, plant motifs, and effective contrasts: it's winter outside, but inside, flowers are blooming. Christmas-tree decorations and toys come to life, and Maria's dreams begin to come true. Everything happens exactly as befits Christmas Eve, though the tone is set by the rules and forms of classical ballet.

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Concerts (classical)

Organ music concert at Riga Dome

21 Nov - 27 Mar

Experienced Latvian organ players, as well as guests from many other countries participate in concerts of organ music. This offers an opportunity to enjoy one of the most splendid and valuable historic organs in the outstanding acoustics of the Riga Dome Cathedral. The Riga Dome Cathedral organ belongs to the highest achievements of organ building of the late Romanticism period and is an excellent monument to the history of music.

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