Riga traditional souvenirs

Riga stays in your memory better when you take a souvenir with you. From among the wide range of items you can choose Riga and Latvian sweets, ethnic jewellery and decorative interior items, artwork by internationally-known Latvian artists and designers, as well as modern Live Riga souvenirs. Sturdy rye-bread, soft Jāņi cheese, strong Riga Black Balsam - these are Latvian delicacies you won't find anywhere else in the world. Rye-bread is also listed among the icons of Latvian culture; it is regarded a traditional asset and Latvian symbol. Those who love sweets will enjoy "Laima" and "Emīls Gustavs" chocolate and others, especially the sweet curd snack "Kārums". The smoked "Riga Sprats" are a special delight - easy to take with you.

You can look for typical Latvian products also in shops, but in case you run into an open-air fair, please pay attention to local cheese, beer and smoked meat. Remember also about the Latvian carrot pie ''sklandurausis".

Colourful knitting - patterned mittens and amusing hats, original scarfs and warm wool socks will keep you warm throughout the winter. Choose Latvian traditional amber and silver jewellery to look stylish - original and symbolic Namejs ring and other interesting ethnic jewellery, for instance, silver bracelets and old-style earrings. Latvian jewellery characteristic feature is amber - the Nordic sun stone, while the red and white Lielvārdes belt is patterned with more than twenty Latvian national ornaments, which protect and strengthen its owner.

You should look at Latvian earthenware - energetic traditional crockery and modern vases and cups. Various basketweavings, leather products, wood carvings, linen products and woven covers are also worth attention. And, of course, a lot of small articles for your heart and soul. Dolls in folk costume, various items with a picture of Riga black cat, traditional souvenirs with Riga and Latvia logo, and other articles.

Look for jewellery and arts&crafts at traders in Old Town streets and squares. You will also find them at open-air fairs and souvenir shops.

Riga Black Balsam

Slightly bitter scent reminding of summer even in mid-winter, golden brown colour and unmistakeable taste - Riga Black Balsam is Latvia's most characteristic alcoholic drink.


In Latvia, amber is called a sun stone; jewellery and interior items made of amber seem to contain the very heat and light of the sun. Glittering golden amber pieces can be used in different ways - in gorgeous beads, elegant earrings, interesting key pendants, etc

Edible Amber

Latvia's traditional souvenir - amber - is now available not only in beautiful ornaments, paintings or crockery, but also as candy! Edible amber is identical to the real sun stone, however, its ingredients are natural juices, produced in Latvia, malt, candied quince and cranberries - completely ecological products.

Riga sprats

Small, golden smoked fish - these are the famous "Riga Sprats". The smoked sprats with their unique flavour are well known all over the world. Foreign producers have tried to copy them; however, the real "Riga Sprats" are produced only in Latvia. They feature rich, specific aroma with colourful taste - all for your delight.


The unique and delicious Latvian-made rye-bread gorgeously smells like a cornfield and a wood stove. Each slice is tasty and rich; you won't find anything like it anywhere else in the world!


To feel the smell of freshly baked bread, to feel the foam, almost flowing over the edge, and then to sip slowly, enjoying the tangy flavour. It’s for quenching your thirst on a hot summer day or just to make you feel better. That's real Latvian kvass!

Jāņi cheese

Yellow and round like the sun - Jāņi cheese is full of natural energy. The Latvian traditional cheese is usually served at Summer Solstice - Līgo Night; however, it can be a delicious food treat throughout the year.

Sweet Curd Snack Kārums

A small chocolate-covered curd cube - this is the much beloved sweet snack Kārums that Latvians have enjoyed for more than 60 years. You should definitely taste it and even take home as a souvenir as this will be a great opportunity to remember trip to Latvia longer.