Riga sprats


Small, golden smoked fish - these are the famous "Riga Sprats". The smoked sprats with their unique flavour are well known all over the world. Foreign producers have tried to copy them; however, the real "Riga Sprats" are produced only in Latvia. They feature rich, specific aroma with colourful taste - all for your delight.

When opening the tin, your nose can smell the sea and alder smoke. "Riga Sprats" are a Latvian masterpiece produced here for more than a hundred years; you won't find anything like them anywhere in the world! Especially delicious with rye-bread or alone - right from the can. Perfect for breakfast, with a boiled egg. Sprats can be also used as a salad component - in layers with onions, potatoes and mayonnaise, mixed with cheese and onions or just with fresh vegetables - cucumbers, tomatoes, rucola. So many options!

The tinned, smoked "Riga Sprats" have been popular among Latvians for more than a century. The very first were produced in 1890. The brand was well-known in the Soviet period, and now they are also popular in Europe. They are produced according to European Union regulations.

Look for Riga sprats in shops, Riga Central Market, and other markets. Now you can try a sweet alternative - Chocolate Live Riga Sprats.



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