Izbaudi Rīgu


Twelve or fourteen, or eventually fifteen or thirteen dancers of the Latvian National Opera's ballet company will become soloists or corps de ballet dancers owing to their own luck and work, led by lunge movement which has been capriciously or very thoughtfully foreseen by the choreographer, and they may be different throughout each show. World is being created and perishing due to mistakes, matters of chance and overwhelmed struggle for distinction on an ongoing basis.

There are moments in the show which is APLAM when it is not important whether one is an established ballet star or still thinks that pointes is some sort of Spanish meal. It is frightening and enticing AMISS when there are no wings or backdrop, no depths of the stage and no spectators in the dark. Everything above, below and within the empty orchestra pit, the past merits and titles, partners and conceptions are framed and hung on the wall. Thrill does not require presence of an actual murder and an existing detective, the same effect is provided by the audience's anticipation of resolution, result and meaning. A play and a conversation which involve expectations, pleasing the latter and taking paths which are APLAM may lead towards a breathtaking thriller, a sandbox drama in children playground or any other direction, depending on your wishes.