Take a piece of Riga with you - Live Riga Souvenirs

Live Rīga arhīvs
After visiting Riga, you'll probably have the desire to take a piece of the city with you. The original Live Riga souvenirs will remind you of Riga long after leaving the emotionally-satiated city. Practical things or small keepsakes - anything from the wide choice of Live Riga souvenirs will be a delight to your heart and will refresh your memories.

The patterned hats, scarfs and socks will keep you warm and remind you of beautiful Riga on cold winter evenings.

The lovingly made soap will refresh your memories of Riga, while the soft towel will allure you to wrap up in it and feel warm Riga.

The romantic lace-trimmed umbrellas is especially inviting; whether it's rain or shine, grab your tote bag with a picture of Old Town Riga and explore the world!

And what can wake you up better than a hot beverage from a cup with the Live Riga logo! Whether at your office or behind the wheel, Riga will cheer you up.

In order to remember the most picturesque Riga locations, save them on one of our colourful USB flash drives with the Live Riga logo or write down all you've seen with a subtle pen.

And last but no least, Riga finally has specific flavour - bring home to your family and friends teas, dried fruits/vegetables, or chocolate sprats.

The unique Live Riga souvenirs - the best memories about time spent in Riga and great gifts for friends.

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