Rīgas Stradiņa University

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Rīgas Stradiņa University (RSU) is a successor of Riga Medical Institute, which was established in 1950. The institution is named after the famous Latvian surgeon, oncologist, medical historian, medical doctor and professor Pauls Stradiņš. Today, the RSU offers ten bachelor's, master's, doctoral, professional and continuing education programmes.

The university has the Faculty of European Studies, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Communications, Faculties of Nursing, Medicine, Rehabilitation, Public Health, Dentistry, Faculty of Continuing Education, as well as the Division of Doctoral Studies and the International Student Department. RSU becomes more popular among foreign students, especially from the EU, as a destination for high-quality studies.

Since 1990, students from abroad can take full time courses in English at the Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Dentistry. Now they can study nursery, rehabilitation and pharmacy as well.

The RSU Faculty of Medicine, which due to its competitive education and liberal costs, is becoming increasingly popular among local and international students in Europe. Compared with the study of medicine at most European universities, the RSU Faculty of Medicine is more widely integrated into clinical practice than the others. Students gain a foundation in the profession at university clinical hospitals. They have also the opportunity to study under the guidance of knowledgeable professors from universities from Latvia and abroad, as well as to acquire up-to-date knowledge and skills, which are competitive in Europe and the world.

The dentistry studies in English is also becoming popular among international students. The clinical base where Dentistry’s specialised branches are taught is the Institute of Dentistry – an internationally-recognised high quality practical dentistry centre, which is located next to the RSU main building.

The International Student Department is responsible for the studies process of full-time international students studying medicine and dentistry. Here you will receive advice and suggestions on study materials and textbooks as well as assistance in planning your studies. We also help students with their integration into the community.

Today, 305 students from 19 countries study at RSU - Austria, Canada, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Syria, Sri Lanka, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States.


Address: Dzirciema iela 16
Phone: +371 67409128
E-mail: foreign@rsu.lv
www: http://www.rsu.lv/eng/
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