Izbaudi Rīgu

Summer Solstice in Turaida

Summer Solstice — the shortest night of the year and day full of mysteries and traditions — is widely celebrated on 21 June. This year Jāņi (name of Latvian Summer Solstice celebrations) will be celebrated in Turaida with performances of folklore ensembles from various regions of Latvia.

Turaida Museum Reserve is a remarkable cultural monument at European level with a history of over one thousand years. In the shortest night of the year it offers to enjoy the magical feeling of the Summer Solstice by experiencing ancient traditions in nature — God's Garden. Latvian traditions — strengthening of male and female power, decorating the yard, making flower wreaths, making cheese, singing folk songs, honouring the sun, bonfire rituals, dancing, scaring away witches, strength songs, collecting morning dew, and welcoming the sun in the morning.

Turaida Museum Reserve 19:00 21.06.2018