A new train route from Riga to Tartu and Tallinn

Starting May 29, Riga, Tartu and Tallinn will be connected by a new train route Riga - Valga - Tartu - Tallinn. Up to today, you could take a round trip from Riga to Tartu only by bus or plane once a day.

A new train route Riga - Sigulda - Cēsis - Valmiera - Valga - Tartu - Tallinn will be launched on May 29. Passengers travelling from Riga to Tartu or Tallinn will have to change train in Valga within 10 minutes.

The approximate duration from Riga to Tallinn and vice versa will be eight hours.

The train from Riga will depart at 13.20, arrive in Valka at 16.47 and Tartu at 18.25 and reach Tallinn at 21.30.