The Wall Street Journal lauds Riga and Jurmala spas

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Relaxation, excellent mood, elegant premises and expert treatments - Riga and Jurmala spas offer peace and harmony. "The Wall Street Journal" journalist Jemima Sissons visits four spa centres in Riga and Jurmala, and concludes that Latvia's spa scene is burgeoning.

SPA centre "Taka Spa" offers a great way to escape from the stresses and strains of everyday life and also see beautiful historical scenes while getting there, writes "The Wall Street Journal", especially recommending yoga and Pilates classes, lime and ginger scrubs and wraps, facials and lymphatic drainage, emphasising that "Taka Spa" focuses on a holistic approach.

Jemima Sissons also visits one of the swankiest SPA centres in Riga - "ESPA", which features a pool reminiscent of a disco, luxurious snacks and Riga’s most expensive gym kitted out with the latest Technogym equipment, as well as restorative and relaxing treatments. The Stressbuster combines head and shoulder massage and a soothing eye treatment, while the spa’s “Amber Crystal” treatment involves chakras massaged by amber crystals.

Guests at “Dome Hotel” can relax with a Kamisimo massage – a Japanese technique using warm rice, Sissons observes, recommending the spa, located in a 400-year-old merchant house in the heart of Old Riga for those looking for a more boutique experience. 

Sissons also goes to Jurmala – a coastal resort half-an-hour outside Riga. Here Sissons visits the modern “Amber Spa”, which offers complete weeklong programmes such as weight-loss and sports therapy, treatments using traditional herbs as well as amber massage.

You can read "The Wall Street Journal" article here.

We invite you to acquaint yourself with what Riga and Jurmala spas have to offer, and spend a few unforgettable days in the care of best specialists.