Bazaar at Bergs Bazaar
27.09, 04.10, 11.10, 18.10
Latvian National Opera
02.10, 15.10, 25.11
Fair at Kalnciems District
27.09, 04.10, 11.10, 18.10
Riga Zoo
Open for visitors all year round
Tropical Butterfly House
University of Latvia Botanical Garden
Delightfully Delicious Destination — Riga
Special offers of Riga
Riga – European Capital of Culture 2014
Riga is already a venue for cultural events on an international scale, but in 2014 it will become the cultural epicentre of Europe. During its year as European Capital of Culture, hundreds of special events will take place - culture in the very broadest sense. 365 days a year, with a new understanding of culture as a positive force of change in people's lives.
What's worth experiencing in Riga, in the view of Master Chef Mārtiņš Rītiņš
Mārtiņš Rītiņš, one of the best known Latvian chefs, offers reflections on Nordic food and a profile of Latvian tastes on his Vincents Restaurant menu. Here are some of his views on Latvian food...
Riga - A place where centuries meet
Riga streets bear its over 800-year-long history: the many centuries and rulers, Art Nouveau architecture and Modernism, wooden buildings and masonry. Yet the city is still young and its cultural & historic environment blends with diverse contemporary events. Legend has it that Riga will never be finished... Riga is a city that lives and develops.
LIVE RīGA Souvenirs
LIVE RĪGA souvenirs are practical items for everyday use, work and leasure, painted in the traditional bright colours of the Riga tourism brand. The collection includes postcards, coasters, natural leather and linen products, new refrigerator magnets, thermoses and travel mugs.
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