Night public transport operates in Riga by end-November

Special Riga public transport buses will keep operating at nights by end-November taking Rigans and tourists from Riga centre to the biggest suburban areas all night round.

"Rīgas Satikme" serves 10 night routes taking to the most densely populated Riga suburban areas.

Serviced by the yellow mid-size buses, the ten all-night routes run from Railway Station Square.

All buses leave in exact time from the Station Square/Central Station in Riga centre: at 24:00; 01:00; 02:00; 03:00; 04:00; 05:00. Departure from the final stop to the centre in half hours: at 00:30; 01:30; 02:30; 03:30; 04:30, some routes will be operating also at 5:30 (Ķengarags – Centre, Mežaparks – Čiekurkalns – Centre, Ziepniekkalns – Vienības gatve – Centre). Regular buses start operating around this time on other routes.

Tickets: LVL 1.00 (~ 1.50 EUR) available from the bus driver.

Stops at passenger request only at official bus stops to take/let passengers off. Boarding/exiting through the front door (except for those in wheelchairs, women with baby strollers, and others).

Look for the "Rīgas Satiksme" services, schedules, types of tickets and other topicalities on www.rigassatiksme.lv.