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Toto Cutugno

One of the most recognisable lyrical voices ever, the romantic singer Toto Cutugno will present all of his best songs in a concert at "Arena Riga".

Toto Cutugno is a successful singer-songwriter - he has released 18 albums, participated in Sanremo Music Festival 13 times, and even won the Eurovision song contest in 1990.

Toto Cutugno's songs are popular all over the world, and his voice may well be called the symbol of Italy. Toto Cutugno's beautiful songs are also quite popular in Latvia: "L'Italiano (Lasciatemi Cantare)", "Solo Noi", "Il Tempo Se Ne Va", "Serenata" and many others that people like to hum along when they hear them on the radio. Toto Cutugno will perform these songs live in a concert in Riga.