Izbaudi Rīgu

Yarmarka 2014

Come gather 'round for freshly baked art! The students of the Latvian Academy of Art invite you to their annual exhibition/fair "Yarmarka". "Yarmarka" is open to all those who are curious to see the students' art and want to relax, enjoy the Christmas atmosphere or purchase original art for prices ranging from one euro to several hundred euros. This is a wonderful place to buy unusual and interesting gifts and their variety is changed daily.

"Yarmarka's" idea was born more than ten years ago to make use of LAA students' works. The event's motto - "Become famous before you die!" The fair grows and becomes more spectacular and varied each year. 

"Yarmarka" features fresh art from the latest exhibitions and works specifically designed for it. This year, the fair will present around 10,000 latest works from more than 300 students.

The fair offers various art directions, new or renowned artists, and various ideas. Thus "Yarmarka" is perfectly suited for all taste buds, point out the organizers. LAA students from Departments of Visual Communication, Environmental Art, Functional Design, Ceramics, Textile, Glass Art, Sculpture, Fashion Art, Restoration, Scenography, History and Theory of Art and Culture, Metal Design, Painting, and Graphic Art are participating in this year's fair.

The fair is closed from 24 till 26 December.