Izbaudi Rīgu

LNSO season closing concert. Congeners Chichon and Shimkus

Vestards Šimkus resumes his successful alliance with the maestro and performs solo in Debussy’s Fantaisie, which is, first and foremost, fragrance and dance. We eagerly anticipate Andris Dzenītis’ Langsam, which was first performed in Saarbrücken in autumn, 2016, conducted by maestro Chichon. “This music gradually brings us towards the light,” says the composer. In part two, you’ll behold Strauss’ portrait of Don Juan, and his musings on the life beyond (after) will inspire contemplation. Above all – the Latvian National Symphony Orchestra reunites with its former music director and an audience favourite - Karel Mark Chichon.


Great Guild 19:00 03.05.2018
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