In 2012 Riga was announced the Delightfully Delicious Destination. The year has passed highlighting tastes and seasonal bounties of nature characteristic for Latvia every month. Therefore, it is natural that approaching the New Year, a calendar ''Delightfully Delicious Destination'' for 2013 has been issued, where the best Latvian chefs offer the most delicious nuances of taste combined with products that are characteristic only to Latvia.

May the calendar ''Delightfully Delicious Destination'' be an inspiration for 2013, when restaurants and cafes of Riga will continue strengthening the status of Riga as a citadel for gourmands!

January Māris Jansons, ''Bibliotēka Nr.1''

Baltic herring in light apple cider vinegar marinade with horseradish cream and a potato

February Michał Urbańczyk, ''Garage''

Stewed deer with pearl-barley risotto and vegetables

March Liene Tomsone, ''Kūkotava''

Orange-chocolate cakes

April Māris Astičs, ''Gardenia'' and ''Desiderata''

Burbot fillet in birch-tree juice glazing with green pea mash and birch-tree juice jelly 

May Alex Žiļuks

Cod stewed in milk  

June Elmārs Tannis, ''Umami''

Grilled chicken skewers with strawberry salsa and zucchini paste

July Raimonds Zommers, ''Kaļķu Vārti''

Sweat pea cream soup with crayfish tails, new potato chips and peppermint oil

August Ēriks Dreibants, ''3 pavāru restorāns — Tam labam būs augt!''

Blueberries stringed on a stem of grass with goat cheese and forest herbs

September Ingmārs Ladigs, ''Ostas Skati''

Autumn harvest potato pancakes with lightly salted Baltic salmon fillet

October Kaspars Jansons, ''Bergs''

Sander fillet baked in butter with Norway lobster and crayfish velouté sauce

November Heinrihs Erhards, ''Cotton'' and ''HE’s''

Lightly prepared salmon fillet with pumpkin, Riga Black Balsam jelly and goat cheese

December Ieva Andersone, ''Kanēļa Konditoreja''

Black currant Christmas cake with Riga Black Balsam

Making Of LIVE RīGA Calendar 2013