Izbaudi Rīgu


KOYA is a modern restaurant located in the Andrejsala area of downtown Riga. Its specific location on the right bank of the river makes for a spectacular view of the port and Pārdaugava from the terrace. Chef's menu has a foreign flair, the wine list is extraordinary, so is the cocktail variety with many original recipes.

KOYA is a modern restaurant located in the industrial/artistic colony Andrejsala, just a few steps away from Old Town Riga. Its riverside locale makes for a spectacular view in the spring and summer from the terrace.

KOYA is built on a technical facility's fortified ruins dating back to the old port. Owners in tandem with a team of internationally-recognized architects, came up with a completely modern design whose basic concept is airiness, brightness and spaciousness.

Chef sports a menu with a foreign flair; the wine list is of wide variety, as are the cocktails, many of them original recipe.