Izbaudi Rīgu

Studija Bluķis

BLUĶIS is a potpourri of items made by local Latvian artisans and craftsmen. Considering that the studio was established by an architectural firm, interior design components and lighting fixtures are on display along with traditional merchandise.

"Trendy" some might say; the studio seeks "its" clientele - people who appreciate housewares of unique design: porcelain teapots, cups and glasses, designer lamps and other light fixtures; also, keeping in touch with reality - sleds and snow shoes, torches, to be lit for those strolls in the dark. Or how about an evening playing the game - Labirints? 

The massive wooden stumps will come in handy - leaving them stationary or putting them "on wheels".

BLUĶIS is an avid supporter of DIY; the studio itself was wrought utilizing second-hand wooden decor and tree stumps painted with Latvia's-own flax oil paint.