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2012-06-26 11:46

A special prepaid „Traveler’s” package has been created

LIVE RIGA in cooperation with mobile operator’s prepaid card OKarte has created a prepaid Traveler’s package. It is a prepaid mobile communications package intended specially for foreign guests, valid for 7 days. The prepaid Traveler’s package can be purchased in the Riga Tourist Information Center in Rātslaukums Square and in Narvesen and LMT dealerships visited most often by tourists.
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2011-08-31 00:13

Night public transport operates in Riga by end-November

Special Riga public transport buses will keep operating at nights by end-November taking Rigans and tourists from Riga centre to the biggest suburban areas all night round.
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2011-07-11 13:03

TIC on Town Hall Square widens its paid service range

In June the Riga Tourism and Development Bureau (RTDB) has widened its paid service range at the Riga Tourist Information Centre (Riga TIC) on Town Hall Square.
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2011-06-16 16:49

Special Riga public transport buses operate all night on weekends

Till end-August, Rigans and tourists will be able to take public transport from Riga centre to the biggest suburban areas on weekend nights.
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2011-06-16 16:42

Baggage ticket required only for transporting pets on Riga public transport

From now on a baggage ticket for Riga public transport must be purchased only for transporting pets unless carried in a container; the maximum size of baggage has also also increased.
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2011-06-09 14:40

airBaltic World’s First to Sell Tickets Onboard

Latvian national airline airBaltic is the first airline in the world offering discounted tickets for passengers during the flight.
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2011-06-06 10:44

LIVE RĪGA offers new souvenirs at several shops

Over twenty new, attractive and functional souvenirs have been added to the LIVE RĪGA range of souvenirs for the summer season. The collection now also includes such souvenirs as postcards, coasters, natural leather and linen products, new refrigerator magnets, thermoses and travel mugs. The souvenirs are available at twelve outlets in Riga as well as on airBaltic flights.
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2011-05-26 13:23

airBaltic to Offer airBalticBag

Latvian national airline airBaltic in cooperation with Samsonite offers airBaltic branded suitcase airBalticBag. This will be carried as free check-in luggage on an unlimited number of airBaltic flights for twelve months from the day of purchase.
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2011-05-17 18:06

airBaltic Starts Flights to Budapest

Latvian national airline airBaltic starts flights between Rīga and the Hungarian capital city of Budapest, thus offering convenient transit connections via North Hub Riga to and from destinations in Scandinavia, Russia and the CIS.
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2011-04-26 18:54

airBaltic Improves Business Class Concept

Latvian national airline airBaltic is improving its business class concept and making business class fares more attractive to those passengers who book early.
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2011-04-18 12:58

Riga Airport offers new flights this summer

Getting to Riga will be even easier this summer as two new airlines will start flying to Riga, and Riga Airport will also offer flights to six new destinations. Board a plane and come visit Riga - one of the northern capitals and the birthplace of the Christmas tree!
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2011-04-08 16:22

The Wall Street Journal lauds Riga and Jurmala spas

Relaxation, excellent mood, elegant premises and expert treatments - Riga and Jurmala spas offer peace and harmony. "The Wall Street Journal" journalist Jemima Sissons visits four spa centres in Riga and Jurmala, and concludes that Latvia's spa scene is burgeoning.
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2011-04-08 12:52

airBaltic to Link Riga and Bari

On June 4, the Latvian national airline airBaltic will start operating flights on Riga- Bari route, linking this Southern Italian city via North Hub Riga with airports in the Baltics, Northern Europe, Russia and CIS.
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2011-04-07 15:09

Riga named best value for bargain break

Britain's Post Office in its City Costs Barometer 2011 has recognised Riga as best value for a bargain break, offering British tourists the most for their money.
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2011-03-30 12:11

A new train route from Riga to Tartu and Tallinn

Starting May 29, Riga, Tartu and Tallinn will be connected by a new train route Riga - Valga - Tartu - Tallinn. Up to today, you could take a round trip from Riga to Tartu only by bus or plane once a day.
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2011-03-22 10:15

BalticMiles Points Can be Used to Help Victims of Japanese Earthquake, Tsunami

Members of the BalticMiles loyalty programme of the Latvian airline airBaltic can use their accumulated loyalty Points to help victims of the earthquake and tsunami, which recently struck Japan.
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2011-02-03 16:57

airBaltic to launch flights to Gdansk this April

Latvian national airline airBaltic is to launch flights from Riga to Gdansk (Poland) in summer, providing convenient transit connections via the Nordic hub Riga to destinations in Scandinavia, Russia, CIS, and the Middle East.
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2011-01-25 19:29

The Guardian: Old Town's hotel among the best boutique hotels

Hotel experts from The Guardian have made a list of the best boutique hotels for a bargain price; Riga's hotel "Ekes Konvent" is among the bijou bargains in Belgium, India, Spain, and other countries.
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2011-01-19 10:15

Valentines Day Special: Hotels and SPA

Riga is a romantic city. If you wish to see charming Latvia, the city's unique architecture, dusky parks and stars in the night sky above the Daugava River, why not to come to Riga on Valentine's Day? On the list: also exclusive offers from Riga and Jūrmala's Spa centres. Choose the best one for you and spend a memorable and romantic weekend in Riga or its suburbs!
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2011-01-05 15:24

airBaltic Launches New iPhone Service

Riga. Latvian national airline airBaltic unveils an iPhone application, to make it more convenient for the users of the mobile device to learn about airBaltic flights and services.
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2010-12-15 17:08

Take a piece of Riga with you - Live Riga Souvenirs

After visiting Riga, you'll probably have the desire to take a piece of the city with you. The original Live Riga souvenirs will remind you of Riga long after leaving the emotionally-satiated city. Practical things or small keepsakes - anything from the wide choice of Live Riga souvenirs will be a delight to your heart and will refresh your memories.
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2010-10-14 16:14

New procedure for issuing visas in Latvia

The Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia has adopted new Visa Regulations, which facilitate minors' entry into Latvia, as well as shortens the period for retaining information on issued visas. The procedure for Latvian national or long-stay visas will further be in line with the practice of issuing visas in the Schengen area.
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2010-10-07 10:51

airBaltic Opens New Route to Domodedovo Airport in Moscow

Riga. In the winter season, Latvian national airline airBaltic will add a new route from Riga to to the Domodedovo Airport in Moscow, to supplement the existing Riga-Moscow Sheremetyevo service. The new route of airBaltic will offer excellent transit connections via North Hub Riga to /from more than 80 destinations in Northern Europe, Western Europe and the Middle East.
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2010-08-16 11:04

Bus traffic improved between Riga airport and the city centre

From August 16, the timetable of the bus No. 22 has been changed. During peak hours, the wait between two buses will not exceed 10 minutes. These changes mainly concern afternoons, when passenger numbers are at their highest.
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2010-08-10 12:05

Riga visited by 20 cruise ships in July

20 cruise ships entered the Port of Riga in July. These brought 21,627 tourists to the city, which is an increase of 19% compared to July last year.
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2010-07-02 11:45

14 new destinations planned this winter for "airBaltic"

The Latvian national airline "airBaltic" plans to serve 14 new destinations in the next winter season.
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2010-07-01 11:43

Self-service bicycle rental opens in Riga

Courtesy of the Latvian national airline “airBaltic”, “BalticBike” – the first self-service bicycle rental in the Baltics, has opened in the heart of Riga – Town Hall Square.
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2010-06-22 10:58

First self-service bike rental in Baltics opened

The national airline "airBaltic" in cooperation with the Jurmala City Council has opened "BalticBike" - the first self-service bike rental in the Baltic states.
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2010-06-21 10:42

Public transportation free of charge June 23-24 in Riga

During the Midsummer holidays, official days off in Latvia June 23 and June 24, Riga’s public transportation company will carry passengers free of charge.
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2010-06-09 15:09

“airBaltic” flight tickets go on sale in Finnish kiosks

The Latvian national airline “airBaltic” has put flight tickets on sale at R-Kioski newsstands throughout Finland. Flight tickets will be on sale throughout June this year for all “airBaltic” flights from any Finnish city to/from Riga or Tallinn.
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2010-06-07 13:32

Six Riga hotels among world’s best

The “Expedia” travel company has released its list of the world’s best hotels.
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2010-05-20 10:31

Riga port opens cruise season

On May 4 the cruise season was officially opened at Riga Freeport - Latvia’s largest port in terms of passenger numbers and cargo turnover.
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2010-05-18 15:13

Riga Airport included on list of world's 100 busiest airports for third time

For the third time, Riga International Airport has been included on the list of the world's TOP 100 busiest airlines, compiled by the aviation market research and analysis magazine "OAG Aviation Solutions".
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2010-05-18 15:00

The sun to help heat water in Riga’s buildings

The Riga municipality is planning to utilise modern technology to heat water in Riga’s buildings with solar energy.
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2010-05-18 12:32

“Marriott Hotel Riga” to be built in Old Town

“Marriott International”, one of the biggest U.S. hotel companies, is planning a new hotel in Riga, to be located in historic Old Town in the block between 13. janvāra, Pasta, Ministerejas and Kungu streets.
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2010-05-18 11:46

Interest in Riga growing among Russian tourists

Statistics compiled by the Moscow Tourism Agency show that Latvia has overtaken Lithuania and Estonia in terms of bookings for this summer’s tourist season.
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