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Boris Eifman's ballet Rodin!

The cult ballet Rodin returns to Riga! Rodin - one of Boris Eifman and his ballet troupe's best known masterpieces. The performance tells about the life and work of two great sculptors: Auguste Rodin and his disciple, mistress and Muse – Camille Claudel.

In the words of Eifman, ''with the help of body language we talk in our performance about passion, internal struggle, despair - about all of those life phenomena of human spirit, which are brilliantly expressed by Rodin and Camille in bronze and marble. To turn a moment frozen in stone into an irrepressible sensuous stream of body movements is what I was striving for when creating this new ballet performance''.

Latvian National Opera and Ballet 19:00 07.02.2017
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