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The priest's path

The ways of Riga’s enigmatic priest are mysterious. Shopping at a night market, using his spiritual weapons by sprinkling the holy water at a sermon in a fancy wine bar, overseeing the city from belltowers, and hanging out with skaters at the waterfront will build your faith and make you believe in the wonders of Riga.


The Old Town

The Old Town is the oldest section of Riga as well as the center of the city. It is the city’s most popular area with tourists. In 1997, Riga's historic center was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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Riga Dome Cathedral

The foundation stone of Riga Dome Cathedral was laid on July 25, 1211. The last large-scale restoration took place in the late 19th century when the cathedral acquired its present appearance. Today, Riga Dome Cathedral holds services and provide for rich cultural life — various concerts of popular artists take place here.

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St. Peter's Church

Riga's St.Peter's Church dominates the cityscape as the tallest spire, and as one of the oldest and most valuable monumental architecture edifices in the Baltic States from the Middle Ages. St.Peter's is the tallest of the Riga churches, a significant landmark, and a prime example of the 13th century Gothic style.

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The Bergs Bazaar (Berga bazārs)

Explore small boutiques offering both local and international items, dine at one of the popular restaurants or cafes — both casual and up-market, or simply stroll about stopping to rest on one of the many benches.

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At restaurant “Ferma” you can try local products - wild venison, Baltic salmon, shrimp grown in Latvia, dry aged beef from Latvia, as well as Latvia’s Culinary Heritage.

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Wine bar Garage

The congenial wine bar "Garage" is a stylish place for the enjoyment of an exclusive selection of wines and good food. The fashion sense, presence of the artistic and unique atmosphere are what best describes this gem of the Bergs' Bazaar.

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Riga Central Market

Tourist guides in many cities are forced to explain that, “once, in this spot, there was a market!” In Riga we can proudly scratch the ‘was’ and say ‘is’! A huge one, downtown, on the banks of the Daugava.

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Old St. Gertrude's Church

The splendid Eclectic and Neo-gothic-style Old St. Gertrude's Church is one of those rare churches in Riga which is located outside Old Town. A long time ago, it was on the very border of the city, beyond this in bygone days were only small huts, meadows, forests and roads. Today, Old St. Gertrude's Church belongs to the Evangelical Lutheran Church, and concerts are also held here.

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Jacob's Barracks

The collection of red-roofed buildings along Torņa Street on one side of Old Town Riga is known as Jacob’s Barracks and is home to a number of bars and restaurants, beauty salons, and travel agencies.

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St.John's Church in Riga

St.John's Church is the oldest house of worship in Riga. Originally the Dominican monastery's chapel was located here in the 13th century. After several reconstructions, around 1500 the edifice acquired its present appearance - high Gothic pediment, span roof and a small tower. In 1523 Riga City Council confiscated St. John's Church.

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Wine Studio, Elizabetes Street

Wine Studio is situated in the so-called "tranquil centre" of town which features many popular restaurants. The Studio stands out for the excellent menu with more than 700 items.

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Wine restaurant Tinto

Tinto wine restaurant is Riga`s most dynamic and premiere downtown wine destination. This modern and stylish hot spot is located on Elizabetes street 61, next to one of the most beautiful cinemas in Europe - "Splendid Palace" and is favored by Riga’s wine lovers. Tinto offers not only great selection of wines and spirits from all over the world but also special Latvian style Mediterranean cuisine.

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