Izbaudi Rīgu

European Christmas. Mendelssohn's Overture and Mozart's Prague Symphony

This is the third meeting of Sinfonietta Riga and the exuberant German Christoph Poppen; the brilliant violinist, also a gifted pedagogue, lately more often has been seen with a conductor's baton, performing with orchestras from Europe, the US and Asia. His belief in music's power to make the world a better place perfectly suits the spirit of the Christmas season as well as this program, which includes Mendelssohn's dreamy portrait of the beautiful Melusine, Mozart's effervescent Prague Symphony and Rodrigo's Concierto Pastoral, written for the “Irishman with the golden flute" James Galway. Coincidentally, Galway is one of the masters with whom the Latvian flutist Dita Krenberga, the concert's soloist, once studied.

Great Guild 19:00 16.12.2017
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