Izbaudi Rīgu

Premier of centennial film - Eight Stars

On November 18, 2017, the national premier of director Askolds Saulītis' documentary film Eight Stars will take place. Scriptwriters Askolds Saulītis and Dainis Īvāns, cinematographer Andrejs Verhoustinskis, original music by Jānis Brunovskis, producer Bruno Aščuks.

This film tells about the most striking and tragic phenomenon during the development of the self-awareness movement of the Latvian nation - the Latvian Riflemen. The first Daugavgrīva regiment, the second Riga, third Kurland, fifth Semigallian, sixth Tukums, seventh Bauska and eighth Valmiera regiments of Latvian Riflemen - this was Latvia before its statehood. The film is a historically chronological study beginning with the formation of the Riflemen battalions and their first battles until the end of the Civil War in Russia, when a large part of the Riflemen returned home to the recently established state of Latvia. This is a story about common people challenged by the Big Epoch that determined their lives.

Splendid Palace 18.11.2017