Hangout at the Godson’s playground!

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The Godson

This is an offer you can’t refuse – take your kid to Riga to have the time of their life!


Playground of the downtown sports area

The 7,000 square meters large playground is the largest in Riga and is meant both for preschoolers and older kids.

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Natural History Museum of Latvia

Come and see nature in the very heart of the city! The Natural History Museum of Latvia is a genuine oasis of nature in the middle of civilisation - in the centre of Riga.

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Science center ZINOO Rīga

Curiosity is the key to the knowledge. Knowledge explains the wonders.Can we move objects without touching them? Find out how the small can look big and how the long can look short.

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Lucavsala island

An island on the Daugava river, which only a few years ago was full of abandoned sheds, has become a popular place for bathing and recreation after the launch of renovation works. The Lucavsala park attracts children, those who prefer active recreation and other residents who want to enjoy nature while remaining close to the city centre.

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At a time in Riga when new eateries are opening constantly, it would be beneficial to hear the viewpoint from gourmands and "social butterflies" because habits are hard to break: people tend to frequent the familiar and tested restaurants only because there is a lack of sufficient information on new dining options.

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Riga Zoo

Riga Zoo (Riga Zoological Park) was opened in Riga's greenest district Mežaparks in 1912. During dozens of years, its collection was significantly supplemented, and now you'll meet there many interesting animals like tigers, bears, giraffes, kangaroos and coatis, visit the Tropical House and explore the underwater world. This is a great leisure site for adults and children since it is located by Lake Ķīšezers and surrounded by pine-trees.

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Laima chocolate museum

Chocolate making has always been wound in mystery. It is a difficult task finding someone who does not like chocolate. It is no surprise that people crave the opportunity to taste the best of Laima chocolates and to catch a glimpse behind the scenes of the wondrous chocolate making process.

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