The Bird watcher’s-eye view

Ever feel like you see things differently? Dearly wish to migrate when the seasons change? Pack your binoculars and go on an adventure with the Bird watcher from Riga. She will lift you up and give you a taste of the city from its rooftops.


Latvian National Opera and Ballet

Riga's White House — the Latvian National Opera and Ballet on Aspazijas bulvāris was opened in 1923; an average of six new productions are presented each year, retaining balance between opera and ballet. In total, the opera sees over 200 performances and several symphonic and chamber music concerts a season.

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A restaurant is located on the 5th floor of Hotel Gutenbergs, from where it is possible to enjoy stunning views of the roofs of Old Town. After a reconstruction in the spring of 2016, the restaurant is now open all throughout the year.

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Skyline Bar

Skyline Bar, located on the 26th floor of Radisson Blu Latvija Conference & Spa Hotel is a perfect place where to get all of your senses elevated.

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Bremen Town Musicians

Three legendary musicians play their music on Skārņu Street between St. Peter's Church and the Convent Yard: a donkey, a dog, a cat and a cockerel standing on each other's backs. You can see surprise in the animals' eyes, but they are not staring at the robbers' feast; they are peering through the Iron Curtain!

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Cat House

Wrought-copper cats stand on the corner turrets of a building facing the Great Guild on Līvu Square, their backs arched and tails poised as if readying for the final leap. The famous and peculiar building, once scandalous and even been the cause of a lawsuit, was named the Cat House because of these figures. Today, the cats are not only squatting on the roof of the building, but they dwell on the ground floor too.

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Other insiders

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