The Captain’s water game

Hop on board with the Captain from Riga! He dives into the city like the deep seas. He loves water both beneath his feet and in all shapes and sizes. Join the Captain and quench your thirst for good times and beautiful moments.


Riga Central Market

Tourist guides in many cities are forced to explain that, “once, in this spot, there was a market!” In Riga we can proudly scratch the ‘was’ and say ‘is’! A huge one, downtown, on the banks of the Daugava.

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Bastion Hill

Bastion Hill is one of the most romantic places in central Riga, as it features narrow paths, alleys of trees, stone garden, water cascade... The park right next to the Freedom Monument has been a delight to an eye and soul for more than a century. Either it's winter or summer - special amosphere is always here.

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Sunset Riga

Sunset Riga is a creative and unique restaurant located on the bank of the Daugava River. It has spacious outdoor terraces, from where breathtaking views of Riga and sunsets over the Daugava can be enjoyed.

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Muusu Terase

"Muusu Terase" is the youngest sister of "Muusu" restaurant located in the heart of Old Riga. Bright, dreamy and spunky. It found its place in a just as dreamy spot - the right bank of Daugava, which not only delights with the city's beautiful sunsets, but also a vibrant, energetic mood that surprises everyone.

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Tourist boats Riga by Canal

If you want to enjoy the view of the historical centre of Riga while going along the City Canal and to see the landscape of the city from the River Daugava, use the Riga by Canal opportunity to take a boat trip with one of the four tourist boats.

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Kayaking in Riga

‘Kayaking in Riga’ offers you the chance to discover the city from a different perspective - rowing in safe, two-seated kayaks along the Riga canal, the river Daugava, coves, canals and tributaries.

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