Izbaudi Rīgu

LNSO chamber music. DJ Monsta and the Symphonic Factor.

In this chamber music program from the LNSO musical ensemble, the audience will hear Khalil’s Arabian world music, Kronlaks’s musical conversations and a fitting quartet by Schnittke with reverberations of renaissance (Orlande de Lassus sacral music), a ghost of Beethoven’s classicism (The Great Fugue, op. 133), and an exposition of postmodernism (Shostakovich’s monogram DSCH). Laima Jansone, author of new work, will also participate in the performance with acoustic and electric kokles, gongs and bells, as well as DJ Monsta whose intellectual diversions continually avouch his great taste and boundless creativity.

Great Guild 19:00 15.03.2018
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