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Weekend Music. DAGAMBA

The musical collective DAGAMBA invites music lovers to the third Weekend Music concert of the season - Valters Pūce (cello), Antons Trocjuks (cello), Dainis Tenis (keyboard), Hamidreza Rahbaralam (percussion), Artūrs Jermaks (percussion).

The DAGAMBA musical collective was created by Valters Pūce in 2011. He was joined by childhood friends and cellist Antons Trocjuks. Several years later, Iranian percussionist Hamidreza Rahbaralam and Lithuanian pianist Dainis Tenis also joined the now international collective. Furthermore, last year, Artūrs Jermaks also joined the group. DAGAMBA's exciting musical experiments and creative solutions help build bridges between different musical genres - rock, pop and classical music, thus combining different musical styles and breathing a modern twist into classical music.

Dzintari Concert Hall 14:00 18.03.2018
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