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Concert - Three Osokins at the Opera: New Program

This is a special evening for fans of piano music. Three magnificent pianists will be featured in a single concert: father and professor Sergejs Osokin and his sons – winners of numerous international competitions and talented musicians Andrejs and Georgijs Osokin.

The first part of the concert will be dedicated to Latvia's centenary celebration, where piano pieces by Latvian composers Jānis Zālītis, Pēteris Vasks, Ādolfs Skulte and Jāzeps Vītols will be performed. The second part of the concert will be dedicated to the seduction of dance. It will begin with the passionate marches of Sergei Rachmaninoff from the composer's final opus, continue with waltzes by Sergei Prokofiev and Francis Poulenc's Tarantella from his piano concert finale, and conclude with Maurice Ravel's Bolero. The concert, just like in 2016, will feature a lowered iron curtain, creating unique acoustics for the performing of chamber music.

Latvian National Opera and Ballet 19:00 22.01.2018
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