Izbaudi Rīgu

Count of May Festival 2018

An event for the whole family - a spring carnival in Riga based in medieval traditions. Colorful costumes from various eras and nations, a knight tournament for children and their parents, medieval attractions and games, a craft fair and an extensive concert program featuring traditional dance and musical performances from different eras. A special costume competition will also take place, and of course the winner of the Count of May tournament will become the hero of the festival - the strongest defender of Riga will be declared the Count of May, while the most elegant lady - the Countess of May!

The first mentioning about the Count of May celebration in Riga dates back to 15th century, when the count of May was elected in presence of the town council on a stretch of an open space outside the city. The person who won the title of Count of May could keep it for a year, and it was always someone from The Great Guild. The participants of the celebration would go on a festive procession to the Great Guild, where a luscious feast took place. This is a festival which greets the arrival of spring, warms the hearts, and allows participants to show their love for one another and their city.

Today, the Count of May festival continues to live and develop together with Riga!

Town Hall Square 10:00 - 22:00 12.05.2018