Izbaudi Rīgu

Group exhibition - Clone

The exhibition Clone (Klons in Latvian) is explained in two aspects. On one hand, a clay klons is an old Latvian identity code, which points out to the origin of the ceramic material and its quality. On the other hand, the word clone highlights the opportunities provided by modern technologies - creating a clone for anything. In combining these two aspects, the artists will search for their ideas through a self-portrait prism.

The exhibition Clone is dedicated to the role modern technologies play in the creation of art, and its aim is to present ceramic art pieces created by modern technologies, like, for example, 3D printers. To create self-portraits using new technologies (like a 3D printer) and conceptual solutions that are used in contemporary ceramics.

The exhibition will feature various Latvian artists who form the new educational base of ceramists. Participating in the exhibition will be the following artists: Dainis Lesiņš, Eiženija Loginova, Ainārs Rimicāns, Anna Rubene-Zīdere and Līga Skariņa.

Riga Porcelain Museum 16.06.2018 - 12.08.2018