Izbaudi Rīgu

Midsummer warm-up event at Ziemeļblāzma - Weaving the Midsummer Wreaths

Performing at the event will be the post-folk group Zāle (Grass). The event will be a merry gathering of song and dance, with performances also from the Ziemeļblāzma children's folk-dance collective Bitīte (Bee), the folk-dance collective Pērkons (Thunder), the middle-aged folk dance collective Auda, and the senior folk dance collective Ziemēļblāzma (Northern Light). The dancers will actively involve the audience as well. Participants will also be able to try weaving their own midsummer oak-leaf crown or flower wreath.

Culture centre "Ziemeļblāzma" 19:00 20.06.2018