A guide to Latvian beer

In order to become better acquainted with beer brewed in Riga and elsewhere in Latvia, the history of breweries and what’s new today – you need “Beer Guide Latvia”, which is updated regularly.

A trusty assistant for all who want to know and enjoy one of Latvia’s national beverages, “Beer Guide Latvia” describes the 15 breweries and over 80 brands. It is a non-commercial venture in English for the portal www.labsalus.lv , created by beer and drinking tradition expert Atis. The guide can be found here: http://dzerualu.wordpress.com/beerguide/

Since “Beer Guide Latvia” is an electronic publication, it is constantly improved and updated with the latest developments in Latvia’s “beer world”.

Besides information on the many brands, one can also find out where they can be purchased, all about brewery tours, beer prices.

Rigahas three breweries – the biggest one - “Aldaris”, and two micros - “Lido” and “Brūveris”.

Useful information is offered on where to buy beer upon arrival at the airport, railway station and bus station.

Also, check out the TOP 5 list of “must taste” beers, based on expert evaluation. Heading the list right now is the dark stout “Porteris”, made by “Aldaris”.