Izbaudi Rīgu

TOP sightseeing

Riga has it all – ancient buildings, green parks, impressive monuments and majestic museums, creative neighborhoods and a fantastic marketplace.

Riga Restaurant Week

Very soon, October 10 to 16, Riga will be hosting the tenth Riga Restaurant Week. Enjoy an unforgettable gastronomic experience for a special price - EUR 15 or EUR 20. Photo: Elements

Riga Card

Discover the city with the Riga Card! Free unlimited use of public transport, free sightseeing tours and exclusive deals and discounts in the best museums and restaurants


European Region of Gastronomy 2017


It appears that Riga simply does not sleep on weekends. This city is very much alive, especially at night.

Riga Central Market

One the largest marketplaces in Europe offers an abundance of tasty surprises: locally-grown vegetables and fruit, cheeses and sausages, as well as fresh and smoked fish.