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The Dom Museum ― Temple for Science and Art

13 Feb - 30 Dec

The exhibition is dedicated to the history of the Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation. The origins of the museum go back to 1773; however, the exhibition focuses on the period of the Dom Museum (1890―1936), with a particular emphasis on the Baltic German contribution to the preservation of Latvia’s cultural values and the fortunes of cultural treasures during the Second World War.

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Festivāli un svētki

Programme of contemporary theatre forte forte

14 Oct - 07 Dec

The programme of contemporary theatre forte forte is an event organised by Riga as the European Capital of Culture. It is a series of performances of the leading European directors throughout the whole year. It is united by a range of topics focusing on the relations of an individual and power, "normal" and "abnormal", personality and mass, taking the major historical events as a background in the context of everyday life.

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