Izbaudi Rīgu

Riga Tourism Development Bureau

Riga Tourism Development Bureau was officially registered on October 28th, 2009. The founders of the bureau were the Riga City Council, the national airline “airBaltic”, the Latvian Hotel and Restaurant Association (LVRA) and the Association of Latvian Travel Agents and Operators (ALTA).

The main focus of the RTDB is to encourage tourism in Riga and promote it abroad by means of a special city brand LIVE RIGA.

The Riga City Council owns 70% of RTDB’s shares, while the remaining founders – “airBaltic”, the LVRA and the ALTA – each have a 10% share.

The main activities of the RTDB are:

  • advertising campaigns in foreign target markets;
  • publicity campaigns in foreign target markets;
  • organising visits by foreign journalists and tourism operators to Riga;
  • managing the tourism information centres across the city;
  • maintaining the official city tourism website www.LiveRiga.com;
  • the production and promotion of informative materials about Riga;
  • the LIVE RIGA line of souvenirs;
  • the participation in international tourism fairs and seminars;
  • the certification of guides;
  • organizing events in Riga to attract tourists and create publicity for the city.