Izbaudi Rīgu

Operetta New Year's concert À Paris at VEF Culture Palace

The sparkling world of festive sensations, the glamour of youth and the charm of Viennese Operetta, where the delightful musical world of Johan Strauss and The Strauss dynasty will be performed by a string of talented operetta soloists.

Participants: Laura Purena (soprano), Anta Jankovska (soprano, Italy), Irma Pavāre (mezzo soprtano), Emīls Kivlenieks (tenor), Andrejs Krutojs (baritone, Switzerland), Nauris Indzeris (baritone), Evita Dūra-Andersone (accordion), Conducted by Guntars Bernāts.

VEF Culture Palace 17:00 26.12.2018
VEF Culture Palace 19:00 27.12.2018
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