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Nina Korhonen Exhibition - ANNA Amerikan mummu

The show is a story and tribute to Nina Korhonen's beloved grandmother Anna. In the spring 1959, Anna realized her life’s dream and alone, with a couple of hundred dollars and very little English language skills, she flew to New York. She lived in Brooklyn and worked as a cook for a wealthy family in upper Manhattan. Nina Korhonen started to visit Anna regularly and has photographed her in her own environment at home and surroundings in New York and later in Florida.

Nina Korhonen was born in Finland in 1961. Since the 1980’s she has lived and worked in Stockholm, Sweden. She studied photography at the end of 80's at Nordens Photography School in Sweden. Korhonen has had solo exhibitions at the Fotografisk Center in Copenhagen, Denmark, the Photography Center Rosfoto of the Russian Federation Ministry of Culture in Saint Petersburg, and at many exhibition halls and galleries in Sweden, Norway, Finland, France and elsewhere.

Latvian Museum of Photography 18.01.2019 - 24.02.2019