Izbaudi Rīgu

Opera L’incantesimo. Pagliacci

In the concept of this new production, L’incantesimo by composer Italo Montemezzi and playwright Sem Benelli, one of the last works of Italian melodic opera, interplays with Pagliacci, another outstanding example of verismo style opera composed by Ruggero Leoncavallo.

"Although both operas are written in the verismo style and their stories are practically the same - about a love triangle, jealousy and adultery - they differ by genre. Unlike the realistic Pagliacci, the opera L’incantesimo is a lyrical medieval fairytale where romance alternates with fantasies and allegories. To bring out both styles, our creative team will take the audience on a journey not only through different time periods, but also different worlds," explains the director of the new production, Aik Karapetian.

Latvian National Opera and Ballet 19:00 18.04.2020
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