Izbaudi Rīgu


1221 is a high-class restaurant located in the heart of Riga featuring refined Latvian cuisine and an extensive wine collection.

Restaurant 1221 is located in the splendid historical center of Riga, next to Dome Square in Old Town. A terrace is located on the restaurant's roof, featuring excellent views of Old Town's architectural pearls.

1221 - more than just a number. 1221 was an unusual year with many important events taking place in the city - the first street appeared where the first building was built, which currently holds Restaurant 1221.

The restaurant itself opened its doors in 2010 after a chance meeting between the owners and a very unique individual - Roberts Smilga, whose philosophy is: ''Whenever I prepare a meal, I must make it reach the level of a culinary masterpiece.''

Today, 1221 is known as a high-class restaurant located in the heart of Old Town with an exclusive kitchen and extensive wine collection.

Each guest will be amazed by the skill of the restaurant's chef Roberts Smilga, who personally oversees the quality of each product and continues to surprise guests with his refined dishes.

1221 is more than just a number.