Izbaudi Rīgu

The Lion in Winter

Henry II, the king of England, has created a powerful kingdom. He has to know that it will last. He has to decide which of his sons will inherit his country. His sons and his wife Eleanor have already turned against him once.

It’s Christmas time and Henry invites his imprisoned wife Eleanor, his three ambitious sons and the French king Philip. They are dangerous guests. Each of them has a hidden dagger that can be used against others. Each of them arranges endless conspiracies, establishing alliances, seeking for allies, promising, lying and breaking all oaths.

Is there any person in this world who is close to Henry, who knows him best of all and understands him?

Play in Latvian language with English surtitles.

In order to see the surtitles, please select seats in rows 10-17. 

Daile Theatre 15:00 15.03.2020
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