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Information about coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions in Latvia

Latvian borders are open to travelers from European countries, but passengers must fill in the new e-certificates on the website www.covidpass.lv before going on a trip to Latvia and get QR code. Persons arriving from foreign countries where the 14-day cumulative indicator is higher than the one in Latvia, must observe self-isolation for 10 days. Precautions and a distance of 2 m must be observed. Up to 300 people can gather for public indoor and outdoor events, but only up to 10 persons for private indoor and outdoor events.

National COVID-19 Morbidity Rates you can finde here

If you have travel related questions, contact us by e-mail at info@rigatic.lv or tel at +371 67037900

Restaurants and cafes

Restaurants and cafes are open and offer on-site meals safely and responsibly. We invite you to follow the instructions of the restaurant staff regarding the number of people that can sit at a table at one and observe the necessary distance. This summer, restaurants have larger outdoor terraces where you can enjoy a great meal.

Museums, cultural, entertainment and other services

Museums, galleries and cultural institutions have resumed operations. Public events, both indoors and outdoors, are gradually resuming, but the rules of distancing must still be observed. From August 1st, two visitors of events in museums, libraries, cultural centers, exhibition halls, open-air stages, theater buildings, concert halls, cinemas and outdoor venues can sit together in fixed seats, if they are not members of the same household; members of one household will be able to sit in a group of no more than four people.


The most important precautions are to keep a distance of 2 m in public places and to wash and disinfect your hands frequently. Be sure to stay home if you show any signs of illness. For more information on Covid-19 and precautions, visit the website of the Center for Disease Prevention and Control.