Fish House Brasserie De Luxe

This gleaming white restaurant serves the most sophisticated seafood fare in Riga. With a credo - quality without compromise - each ingredient here is chosen by its quality and provenance. Zucchini blossoms from local farms and free-range eggs from Zvirbulīši farm, finest cheese from Etienne Boissy, line-caught Nordic Turbot and chocolate from Valrhona. At the helm is chef Jānis Zvirbulis, who has mastered the craft in the world's culinary Mecca – Institute Paul Bocuse in Lyon. The chef uses state-of-art cooking techniques, while staying loyal to the keystones of Haute cuisine. The result is a dish that looks so spectacular on the white marble tables, it takes courage to shovel the fork in it. The highlights of the menu are lobster and veal sweetbread lasagne and John Dory with pok coi, glazed carrots and ceps-port wine sauce. For carnivores there is also Australian steak and beef tenderloin. But save room for the dessert to savour A la Pistache Creme Brulee or Macaroon de Luxembourg with tea flavoured ice cream. Restaurant also serves a refined take on the favourite breakfast dishes from around the world. 

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