Exhibition - 100 Years: Litas, Lats, Kroon

A joint traveling exhibition by numismatists from the Baltic States commemorates the anniversaries of the emergence of the currencies of all three countries. The Lithuanian litas celebrated its centenary in 2022 and came into circulation on October 2, 1922. The Latvian lats is also 100 years old: the first lats banknotes were issued on November 2, 1922. The Estonian kroon was introduced six years later, in 1928, and will celebrate its 95th anniversary in 2023.

Using 12 questions, the authors of the exhibition examine the similarities and differences in the creation of the Baltic currencies in the period before the introduction of the euro. The exhibition started its journey last year in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius. In Riga it will be supplemented by important testimonies to the history of Latvian money from the collections of the Latvian National History Museum and other memorial institutions.

National History Museum of Latvia 03.03.2023 - 28.05.2023
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