Izbaudi Rīgu

Kino Citadele

The multiplex cinema 'Kino Citadele' presents screenings and live-feed musical performances in 14 theatres on two floors.

The varied repertory features US, European and Latvian movies, as well as live broadcasts from the Metropolitan Opera, and other key musical performances.

'Kino Citadele' has 3016 seats and top-quality sound technology. Theatre No.1 has the biggest screen (24,2 x 10 metres) in Northern Europe and an amphitheater-type space with perfect audibility from any location. The entrance in the middle "protects" the audience from being disturbed.

Those preferring a more intimate atmosphere, have a seat in two balconies (81 seats and 64 seats) and enjoy a movie with drinks from the local bar right next to the entrance.

From the very beginning, the multiplex's main intention was to create a venue for various leisure activities, film screening being only one of them. Also among offerings: the 'Casa Blanca' cafe, a sweets shop, a popcorn stand, and a bar on the 5th floor.