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Ballet La Bayadère

For the first time, Latvian National Opera will stage the ballet La Bayadère by French choreographer Marius Petipa to the music of Ludwig Minkus.

La Bayadère is the only great ballet, which has not yet been staged in Riga. The complex performance features almost the entire ballet troupe of the Latvian National Opera. Only a few ballet troupes are able to achieve such a high artistic level required for staging La Bayadère. Now the Latvian National Ballet has become one of them.

For over 100 years spectators have been captivated by the brilliant choreography of Marius Petipa telling the romantic story of the graceful temple dancer Nikiya. Her love for the brave warrior Solor is killed in the lavish Eastern court, where passions and intrigues sting deadlier than poisonous snakes.

February 2020 -
  • 07 Feb 19:00
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