Izbaudi Rīgu

LNSO season opening concert. Casadesus and Beethoven.

The beginning and end of a genius - two symphonies, two different Beethovens. In the First, a young, well-educated, aspiring revolutionary making his entrance and simultaneously abandoning the conservative canons. In the Ninth, he reaches an apex, an explosive climax of all-consuming sparks - he dreams of connecting millions and creates a hymn to unity and freedom. Beethoven’s devotion to music is rivaled by the conductor of tonight’s concert, the elegant French maestro Casadesus, who rejoins the LNSO to fulfill his motto - “to serve, to venture, to give and to get”. In his view, music is the purest path towards absolute spirituality, and Beethoven would have certainly agreed. A season opening performance of profound humanity and grandeur!


Great Guild 19:00 08.10.2021
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