Izbaudi Rīgu

Open-air leisure venue Egle

If you want to delight in delicious Latvian meal at the very heart of the Old Town by having local beer and listening to Latvian music on an open-air terrace, the open-air leisure venue Egle will be the right choice.


Egle is located at the very heart of the Old Town right next to the Town Hall Square. It’s simply impossible not to notice it since a big terrace where you can find a local craftsmen fair and a big Christmas tree made from pieces of mirror. The terrace is an always-busy and popular venue visited both by local, and foreign guests. If you are on Kaļķu Street close to the Town Hall Square and see a great terrace where many people have gathered, it undoubtedly is Egle.


The atmosphere at the open-air leisure venue Egle is hospitable and friendly. While sitting at the terrace’s wooden tables, our guests can have a slow sip of local beer and hum along to some of Latvian songs played here every day. Simply, friendly, and joyfully. The bustle arising from chit-chatting and having a glass of something with your friends simply draws you in here.

Atmosphere & Concerts

Egle is visited by joyful people. Besides, every evening a band popular in Latvia perform here. Here you can listen to rock-music, or folk-music, and, if you are lucky enough, you can also come across some of the Latvian country music pearls.

Egle bar is designed as a typical Latvian pub. You can have a glass of local beer, or of the most popular foreign beer, at a long wooden table on a terrace that is spacious enough. Also the wine-lovers are welcomed to pick their favourite wine from the vast wine menu. And, of course, stronger beverages and delicious cocktails can also be tried here.


Menu at Egle is full of traditional Latvian meals. Here you can try such a typical local cuisine dish as light-salted Baltic herring, or grilled pork ribs in farmer’s taste. But in case you are looking for something different, you can try pickled pork in Java island taste, or the classical burger. For sure, after visiting Egle, your belly will be full and a glass of beer will make your mind especially cheery. Well, in a one word — completeness!