Izbaudi Rīgu

Craftsmen fair at the open-air venue Egle

In the craftsmen fair at the open-air venue Egle, which is located at the Old Town right next to the Town Hall Square, you can see and buy interesting and wonderful souvenirs from Riga and Latvia, made by our craftsmen.

Ideas of local artists and craftsmen will surprise you with rich choice of materials and forms. Here you can find jewellery and textiles, ceramics and woodwork, flaxen and amber, which is so typical of Latvian souvenirs and pieces of art.


Latvian jewellery makers can be proud of beautiful and interesting pieces of art. At the craftsmen fair you can see and buy jewellery traditional of Latvia, like, brooches, bracelets, amber rings and beads, and original and colourful jewellery made of different natural and colourful materials.

Ceramics and woodwork

Wooden spoons, forks, rolls, mortars and pestles — at the craftsmen fair you can buy nearly everything necessary for kitchen. Moreover, everything is handmade from trees growing in Latvia.

Ceramics will surprise you with vast choice of colours and forms; amber-yellow or blue-black, big decanters or small, ornamented goblets — they are beautiful souvenirs and beautiful pieces of interior at the same time.

Amber and flaxen

These are the things characteristic to Latvian craftsmanship. A flaxen clothing, tablecloth, or sheet will give you the pleasant roughness and coolness. But our craftsmen are masters at transforming amber into wonderful jewellery.


Bright, colourful, soft, and fantastically witty and educational — toys like this you can buy from craftsmen in the fair at Egle. They will please not only children, but also adults. At the craftsmen fair at Egle you can also purchase LiveRiga souvenirs.