Izbaudi Rīgu

''Madam Bonbon''

One of the stylistically most luxurious fashion salons of the city – ''Madam Bonbon'', where everything is subordinated to elegant and exquisite women shoes, is located in the Quiet Centre of Riga, citadel of the Art Nouveau.


Authors of the Madam Bonbon honour the environment around the salon, namely Art Nouveau. Therefore the interior is dominated by sophistication of the intellectual bourgeois that was characteristic to the Art Nouveau period. The salon is set up in an apartment that creates special atmosphere – homely yet elegant. The salon is not only a place to find a pair of exclusive shoes, but also to savour purity of the Art Nouveau style.


Madam Bonbon is everything about women shoes. They are elegantly installed on bookshelves, on the table, in windowsills, on the bed. The most exquisite pairs are in the Powder Room between hairdryers and other beauty items.

Madam Bonbon has created an environment dominated by elegant and exquisite shoes. Sitting on a chair one can leisurely enjoy the day just admiring the designers’ flight of spirit, who have created something as aesthetically fine as Madam Bonbon shoes. Madam Bonbon mainly offers Spanish designers’ shoes.